Tuesday, 24 May 2011

After The Walk

Perth; Canon Powershot SX10 IS - Photoshopped; November 28, 2008
As the fumes escaping my mouth
I watch it glide gracefully
before being engulfed by autumn
But its tail leaves behind a scene
from a series of a journey

Bitter smoke invites the tears
I rub my eyes

It was when the taste of separation
gladly planted its claws on our shoulders
Dreaded the days that slid even faster
we buried ourselves in each other
For fear of endless separation

Looks exchanged
Bloodshot and exhausted
Silence took over…

Moons have passed
the fight over the distance goes on
The unbearable absence of touch
only letters and voices exchanged
A new and ongoing walk we are on
never before were we this strong
Everything is worth the battle.


Dave King said...

A compelling poem, indeed an exciting blog. As the man said: I like your style! Glad I came - for which read: thanks for visiting mine.

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