Sunday, 20 March 2011

The Morning Offering

Good morning to another divine day
the sun god has appeared, flashing his rays onto this realm
where we mortals bathe in joy

And you, my darling, though afar from where I stand
I could feel your eyelashes on my bare skin
as I ask the doves to send my kisses for you
Another offering of bergamot tea and saffron sugar is ready
patiently waiting for your return

The day is softly embracing me with his open arms
that I step out with these small feet
Do be gentle to me, O mundane trickles of rain
For I do not wish to struggle under the storm of harsh syllables
Even if it comes upon me
my hope is to be strong enough to endure it

My den is waiting by the end of the day
the immense rug is still satiny to the touch, greeting me ever so courteously

And yet, the offering still remains untouched
Marking time and expecting…