Sunday, 24 April 2011


Black garter belt
Latex gliding inside
Intoxicated customers

Monday, 18 April 2011

Blue and Wishing

More rain yet to come
Fragrant air, wet grass and soil
Combined with my tears

Sunday, 17 April 2011

A Short Conversation with Paint and Canvas

She dips the brush into the red paint
Her thoughts wandering in the deep
Yet her head almost falls to a faint

The talent is something hard to keep
She has realised that since long ago
But now it is simply nonsensical to weep

Where then must she seek the glow
The paint is leaving the brush little by little
She is becoming numb from head to toe

It is feared that she has become brittle
Such dreadful thought should be suppressed
As it is not something to belittle

Dear love, persevere for you are truly blessed
Waste the paint not and start your new quest!

Triumph of the Millionth Loss

It was not really a dream
more like shattered pieces of random scenes
playfully tickling my subconscious state
Blurred noises
Colour-blinded and retinas almost detached
What then has happened to it all?

The burden on my eyelids was almost unbearable
My sweat flooded the sheets as I was desperately gasping for breath
the very reality seemed to want to escape me
My head started spinning
as I finally opened my eyes
Good grief!

I heard the curtains chuckling mischievously
My room sighed in despair
Even my bed coughed up dust of exhaustion

Forgive me
I have wasted you again.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

The Letter

When I whisper the words to you
do you hear me?
When I gently sweep your eyebrows with the tip of my finger
does it make your heart shiver?
When these lips land on your shoulder
does it make you surrender?
When our hands lose their grip from each other
does it cause pain in your heart?
When my hair brushes against your chest
does it make you moan?
When I mouth your name from afar
do you read me?
When I display my flaws and imperfections
do you accept me?
When tears run down my cheeks
do you reach for me to hold me in your arms?
When my soul longs for your presence
do you long for me too?

I hear
I shiver
I surrender
I’m in pain
I moan
I read
I accept
I reach and hold
I long for you.

A Serene Evening

The fireplace is singing with the sound of flickering flames
a scene of faeries and forest spirits dancing in the background
as if enjoying the warmth of the evening
Why then, don’t you also hear the flute and the harp
and the footsteps of little hooves
The tales of the Druids are being told
narrated to the tiniest bits.

The little girl’s eyes sparkle
a pair of strong and caring hands then lift her up
“Come then, my child.
A hearty meal awaits us.”

Laughter fills the whole room
the little girl mischievously puts a sugary cream on the baby boy’s nose
to which he gives a giggle of joy
The parents smile to each other, holding hands tightly under the table
Look at these wee angels, their hearts speak
Such beautiful gifts they are.

And the night comes, the lights are turned off
The faeries do what they like best
blowing sweet dreams into the tots’ ears
Deep asleep they are, as the mother and father watch from the door.

The moon emerges from its hiding
As the couple slips into the blanket, each in others’ arms
the little family finally bids good night to the world.