Saturday, 16 April 2011

The Letter

When I whisper the words to you
do you hear me?
When I gently sweep your eyebrows with the tip of my finger
does it make your heart shiver?
When these lips land on your shoulder
does it make you surrender?
When our hands lose their grip from each other
does it cause pain in your heart?
When my hair brushes against your chest
does it make you moan?
When I mouth your name from afar
do you read me?
When I display my flaws and imperfections
do you accept me?
When tears run down my cheeks
do you reach for me to hold me in your arms?
When my soul longs for your presence
do you long for me too?

I hear
I shiver
I surrender
I’m in pain
I moan
I read
I accept
I reach and hold
I long for you.


yosfi said...

so it Nad ;)

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