Tuesday, 24 May 2011

After The Walk

Perth; Canon Powershot SX10 IS - Photoshopped; November 28, 2008
As the fumes escaping my mouth
I watch it glide gracefully
before being engulfed by autumn
But its tail leaves behind a scene
from a series of a journey

Bitter smoke invites the tears
I rub my eyes

It was when the taste of separation
gladly planted its claws on our shoulders
Dreaded the days that slid even faster
we buried ourselves in each other
For fear of endless separation

Looks exchanged
Bloodshot and exhausted
Silence took over…

Moons have passed
the fight over the distance goes on
The unbearable absence of touch
only letters and voices exchanged
A new and ongoing walk we are on
never before were we this strong
Everything is worth the battle.

Monday, 23 May 2011


I sit back
quietly humming to myself
while watching them frolicking
playing tag and sharing laughter
Maybe I’m just not as hip

Though how much I try to reach
they’re just zombies walking
When I do touch them
they fall silent immediately
Maybe I’m just a parasite

I try to smile from afar
slowly rocking back and forth
Might as well get their attention
or so I thought
Maybe I’m just not striking enough

Only a few remain loyal
Only those few stay in the circle
While others don’t mind me
These few love me truly
Maybe I’m not that lonely

La Nuit Porte Conseil

Night shall console me
Wrapped inside these heavy wings
Till light comes again

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Like A Dream

My feet are floating above the fuzzy ground
My inner ethereal beauty in captivity
Blurred vision but sensitive to the touch
like soft feather swept against my soles
There are more than three melting clocks
with deformed faces here and there
and a woman with drawers as her breasts
I am walking on invisible stepping stones
Everything is surreal
I am surreal.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Festive Festival

Pause on your track
take no more steps closer
I want you to listen carefully
the sweet tunes of my anklets
Can you hear them jingling?

The rustling pleats of my dress
sequins beating their eyes as I move
gold coins dangling around my face
My fingers snapping, my wrists twisting
Joyful sounds of santour and tonbak

Join me and let’s hold hands
feel the bond, share the merriness
it will melt your sorrow, trust me
Wings will sprout on your back
making you move as light as feathers

Look around you
all smiling from ear to ear
Twirl, sway, sing and clap

Put your hands up in the air!
Dance like you’ve never danced before!

Pictures of You

As much as I stare
they don't speak as loud as they did
As much as I touch the hands
they seem not to wave back at me

The city lights, the buildings, the beaches
The green lawns, the parks, the living rooms
Only in my mind do I hear the laughters
Only in my heart do I still feel the joy
But subconsciously I know
Only few of them stay

How cruel it is
for not being able to reverse
How despicable the reality is
for not allowing dreams to stay longer

I stare
I coil
I weep

Where are you?

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Her World

The holy month is her last name
inherited by the aristocracy
Pushed into an entirely new game
a world full of kindness and hypocrisy

Crisp joyful cheers all around
excited her purity and innocence
She soon had herself prettily crowned
with love and indulgence

Rainbow was cast over her
as she climbed up showering herself in hues
Never the playground became blur
something that no one would refuse

Just like Alice eating the cake
a mature woman she has become
True origin she will not forsake
which is as sweet as the divine plum

Friday, 6 May 2011

I Am Like You

Backyard; Canon Powershot SX110 IS; August 15, 2009
Short life
That’s what I have
But I’m alive
In God’s grace

Route To Extinction

We are like marching ants
Constantly drooling over smells and scents
We might as well devour those withered plants
And carry the leftovers to our tents.

We hiss and roar at one another
Jokers we are judging from our grins
All we like to do is to endlessly smother
Without copulation we always produce twins.

Only a few of us stay hidden
Those who stay on the pure path of truth
They are not astray to the forbidden
However closely watched they are by the the sleuth.

The traffic is jammed again
Hunting for some more with spilled blood
Humanity does no longer reign
See how tyranny becomes the flood.

Thursday, 5 May 2011


It’s dark outside
The wolf’s bushy tail has been unleashed
the howl is loud enough to be heard
because he was awaken too fast

It’s dark outside
The humidity is almost unbearable
I cannot release my sweat
the glands have turned numb

It’s dark outside
The sea has kindly shared its goodness
by crushing its colossal waves
leaving corpses scattered

It’s dark outside
It’s going to get even darker soon.